Please support families across Halton live healthier lives!

Who We Are

The Halton Fresh Food Box is a non-profit community-based initiative bringing neighbours together to buy a variety of delicious and nutritious fresh fruits and vegetables at wholesale prices. It works like a large buying club with centralized buying and coordination. Our goal is to purchase food that is in season and is grown close to home as possible.

Once a month customers place their orders with Pick Up Site Coordinators in their neighbourhood. There are 3 sizes of food boxes available for purchase – an $8.00 singles bag; a $13.00 small box or a $17 family size box. Customers choose the box type depending on family size and preference. A delivery truck brings the boxes to neighbourhood pick up sites, where local volunteer Site Coordinators ensure that customers pick-up their boxes. A newsletter with nutrition tipsrecipes and information about the program is included in every box.

The organization relies heavily upon community volunteer support to carry out its services. Volunteers acquire new skills such as record keeping, team building, time management, banking, financial management and food handling, which are all integral elements of operating the Fresh Food Box.