Frequently Asked

Who can buy a box?

ANYONE who is interested in buying a box can do so by accessing one of the Pick up sites that is most convenient for you.

What are the membership fees to join the Good Food Box program?
There are no membership fees.  There is no long term commitment.  You pay and order each month.
Do you offer more than one size of box?

Yes. We offer $10, $15 and $20 boxes.  The $10 boxes are great for singles and small families, while the $15 and $20 boxes are ideal for larger households. Each month the box contents are a little different.  The size of box you choose all depends on how many fruits and vegetables you eat.

How do I buy a box?

The Fresh Food Box can be ordered at any one of our approximately 33 pick up sites across the region. Click here to find the site closest to you. You can also checkout out step-by-step buying guide under the How to Buy section.

Can I buy more than one box?
What’s the cut-off date for placing an order?

The Fresh Food Box is almost always delivered on a Tuesday once a month. Orders must be placed at least 11 days before your pick up sites delivery day. Day of the month, order due dates and pick up times should be confirmed with the site coordinator at each site and is found on our pick up sites page.

When will my box be ready?

The Fresh Food Box is usually delivered on the third or fourth Tuesday of every month. See the pick up sites listing to determine which sites have delivery on which Tuesday of the month.  The schedule is the same every month and is set for an entire year.  Your site coordinator will let you know the pick up times.

Can I pay by cheque?

For the time being, the Fresh Food Box only accepts cash payment or through PayPal.

Can I change my order after I’ve paid for it?

Site coordinators place the orders immediately after the payment deadline and orders cannot be changed.

I’m very low on cash this month, can I order now and pay you next month?
We’d love to help with that but for now the Fresh Food Box requires that you pay for your order when you place it.

I missed the cut-off date for placing my order. Do I have to wait until next month?
We place the orders right after the due date and cannot make late amendments. Get your order for next month in early!

Do you deliver?
We deliver as far as the pick up site. You must make arrangements to pick up your box from the site you ordered from. If you know more than one person ordering from the same site, how about taking turns picking up for friends?

Can I get some shopping bags at the distribution site so I can carry my food home?

We’d love to be able to provide shopping bags for our amazing clients but that would make the boxes more expensive. You’ll need to bring your own (reusable!) bags.

If I am on Employment and Social Services assistance can I get a free box?

You can pre-order and pre-pay for a box at any one of our pick up sites.  You may order from any drop site OR at your Employment and Social Services office.  Ask for a receipt as an Halton Employment and Social services (OW) recipient.  Come and pick up your box on delivery day, hand in your receipt to the pick up site.  Upon pick up, the pick up site will inform Halton Employment and Social Services who will reimburse you by cheque.  If you are not eligible for this service Employment and Social services will contact you regarding why they will not reimburse you the money.  Pick up sites do not have any information regarding eligibility or repayment.  They simply are there to take your order, collect your payment, give you your box and then communicate pick up back to Halton Employment and Social Services.

Box Contents

What kind of food will I get in a Fresh Food Box?

Each month the box is a little different. Boxes always have staples such as carrots, onions, bananas and apples. Depending on the season, special good buys such as broccoli, oranges, kiwi, asparagus, or cantaloupe are available. You can see sample box contents here.

Do you sell local organic produce?

The Fresh Food Box on occasion buys locally grown organic produce.  You will see one of our local organic growers listed in Our Suppliers.  Our mandate is to buy as close as we can from home but not necessarily organic.  There are other programs in Halton region and area which offer organic boxes for purchase.

Box Contents

I liked what I got in my box last month, can I get exactly the same this month?

Each month the box is a little different, depending on the growing season of certain fruits and vegetables, farmers and our suppliers.  We also rely on feedback from customers to guide us in our choices. The good news is that you might get to try something you’ve never had before and make a new fruit or vegetable a part of your healthy diet!

Before I place an order, can you tell me what’s going to be in the box this month?

Unfortunately we do not always know the exact contents of the box on the week that we take orders. The Fresh Food Box encourages you to have an open mind and hungry stomach for when the monthly Box arrives.

Box Contents

I’m allergic to certain types of food. Can you ensure that I don’t get any in my order?

Allergies are tough to deal with but the Fresh Food Box is standardized and it is difficult for us to personalize each box. We encourage you to share any food you receive that you are allergic to with a friend or neighbour. If you are dangerously allergic to one of the regular items, the Fresh Food Box may not be for you. Some Fresh Food Box pick up sites have swap boxes, where customers can trade items though this cannot be guaranteed.

Where can I find recipes for the food I got in my box?

Our monthly newsletter that comes with the Fresh Food Box always has some recipes. Or you can check in the Fresh Food Box recipe archive. You can also try searching for recipes on the internet.

Box Contents

The box I bought contained some things I didn’t recognize. What are they and what can I do with them?

Our monthly newsletter that comes with the Fresh Food Box always has some recipes and should help you understand what any “mystery” items are and what to do with them. There is also a recipe archive on our website. You can also try searching for recipes on the internet.

I’m not happy with the contents of the box I bought. What can I do?

The first step is to let us know using the feedback options listed on the feedback form that is in every foodbox each month.  We like to know if there are issues.  Once we are aware of an issue we will work with you to find an equitable solution.

You’d Like a Box?

It’s really very simple to buy the Halton Fresh Food Box! Just follow these steps.


1. Prepare to make your purchase.

Figure out which box size you want to order. Our Food Box page can help. Find our pick up site most convenient for you (this is where you will pre-order and pre-pay, and pick up your order when it’s ready). Our Pick Up Sites page can help. You can contact us if you can’t figure it out.

2. Pay for your products.

To buy online simply follow this link: Order a Box .  To buy in person, contact your pick up site coordinator to arrange your order and make payment. When you pay, your site coordinator will tell you the date and time to return to pick up your order.

3. On pickup day, go to the site to get up your order.

Our products are packed into boxes that we reuse every month, so you have to bring your own bags to carry your purchases back home. To get an idea how many bags you might need, our Sample Contents page shows the amounts of produce the boxes might contain. When you’re picking up your order, don’t forget to take your copy of our latest newsletter. Check the Pick Up Sites page for day of the month and time of pick up information for your chosen site.

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